• Who is Art’s Voice of London?

    Art's Voice of London is a gallery and evolving platform allowing artists to visualize the voice of their social conscience. Through physical exhibits at Cronyn Memorial Church in London, Ontario and virtual exhibits featured on this blog, artists have the opportunity to create a visual narrative on important social issues. __________________________________________CURRENT CURRENT EXHIBIT: RE:GENESIS - With social class structures becoming increasingly more defined around the world, this exhibit provides an opportunity for the artistic community to express their concerns, views and hopes. Artists are invited to present their unique visions to provoke thought; and facilitate discussion and action that will positively shape the genesis of a new era.

RE:GENESIS – Calling artists with something to say

RE:GENESIS – the 2nd annual exhibit from Arts Voice London is currently seeking artists whose work travels across the many mediums of the art world: sculpture, canvas, multimedia and performance. With the social class structures becoming increasingly more defined within our Canadian cities, this exhibit will aim to provide an opportunity for the artistic community … Continue reading

The Way of the Streets Update

We had a wonderful information session on Saturday, February 18. The group is growing and there are currently 10 artists confirmed who are participating. To view the artists please visit, the this year’s artists page. The Stations of the Cross: 1. Jesus is condemned to death 2. Jesus accepts the cross 3. Jesus falls the … Continue reading

Why I’m participating— an atheist’s perspective on the intersection of faith and art.

Currently ArtsVoice London is seeking to engage with artists to participate in a 3-day workshop “Way of the Streets” to create works of public art that address issues of social justice within the urban context. The opportunity to work alongside 13 other artists in freely voicing our observations and social concerns through public art is … Continue reading

Art Occupies London

‘Occupy’ has become one of the current concepts as social concerns take the forefront in our minds. Public art has the ability to occupy urban space in a way that grabs attention and stimulates response. When art is presented with a specific message those responses can be either high praise or cutting criticism. In either … Continue reading

Calling London Artists with Something to Say

CALL FOR VISUAL ARTISTS to participate in an art as social commentary group exhibit. THE EXHIBIT The Way of the Streets – A collaboratively curated art exhibit seeking 14 local artists, presenting images inspired by the themes of the Stations of the Cross interpreted to express contemporary social issues faced and lived by many Londoners. … Continue reading

Getting Ready for the Way Art

On Saturday, November the 12th twenty eight steel posts were each driven three feet deep, to ready the grounds of the Bishop Cronyn Anglican Church to receive The Way of the Streets exhibit. Each of the 8×4 painted panels will be displayed beginning on March 7th and run until Easter.