Calling London Artists with Something to Say

CALL FOR VISUAL ARTISTS to participate in an art as social commentary group exhibit.


The Way of the Streets – A collaboratively curated art exhibit seeking 14 local artists, presenting images inspired by the themes of the Stations of the Cross interpreted to express contemporary social issues faced and lived by many Londoners.


Each of the 14 pieces in the exhibit to be created on 4`x8` finished and pre-sealed plywood panels provided by the exhibit sponsors. Each piece will reflect the appropriate theme through the urban landscape of the city of London. The sponsors seek interpretations that are contemporary, edgy and challenging as a public statement of how art occupies public space to stimulate the social conscience. As examples see:


The exhibit is comprised of a public 3 day studio workshop (March 2-4, 2012) at which all participating artists will create their piece. The works will be exhibited in an outdoor installation from March 7 through April 11. At the close of the exhibit each piece will either be returned to the artist or put on sale with ¾ of the sale price going to the artist and ¼ to a charity of his/her choice.


Artists are invited to an information lunch on Saturday, January 21, 2012 at noon, with formal presentation at 1 p.m. at Bishop Cronyn Church, 442 William St. @ Queens Ave. Contact Donnie Claudino, or 519.694.5255 to express interest and confirm attendance.


Art’s Voice of London is a gallery and evolving platform allowing artists to visualize the voice of their social conscience. Through physical exhibits at Cronyn Memorial Church in London, Ontario and virtual exhibits featured on the Art’s Voice London blog,, artists have the opportunity to create a visual narrative on important social issues.

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